Big ink pump 12V(650-750ml)

Big ink pump 24V(900-1000ml)

Big ink pump 24V(300-450ml)

small ink pump 24V (100-150ml)

Brush liquid pump(6w/8w,12v/24v,300ml)

Brush liquid pump(6w/8w,12v/24v 800ml)

Brush liquid pump(24v/12v, 650ml/800ml/1000m)

Air pump

JYY ink pump 24V(300-400ml)

small ink pump 24V(solvent 100-300ml)

Brushless liquid pump(8W/10W, 24V,800ml

Air pump (8W/10W/24V)

Ink pump (12V,24V,30-100ml)

Ink pump with double headsAir

Ink Filter C

Ink Filter

C White ink filter

Ink pump Ink Filter

PALL ink filter (original)10um PALL

ink filter (original) 20um

UV ink filter (black&white)

Model-D ink filter (black&white)

D UV ink filter (black)10u

PALL Ink Filter

JYY-F-2600)Solvent ink filter

Model-A ink filter

long ink filter

Liyu PALL Ink Filter

DGI ink filter Myjet compatible

PALL ink filter Liyu Ink Filter (UV)

Myjet PALL ink filter straight

UV ink filter

UV long ink filter

Big ink filter(5,10,20,30,50m)

Ink Tank Filter

Raster stripe/15*4.5M/150dpi

Raster stripe/15*5M/150dpi

Raster stripe/15*5M/180dpi

Raster stripe 15x4.5M/180dpi

Raster stripe20*4.5M 180dpi

Raster stripe 20*4.5M

Raster stripe/20*4.5M/150dpi

Raster stripe 20x5M/180dpi

H9720 150dpi encoder sensor

H9730 180dpi encoder sensor

HEDS-9100 encoder sensor

Optical fiber 7M

Optical fiber 10m

cleaning stick (Green)

cleaning stick (imported)

cleaning stick (Purple)

long stick swab(23cm*2.4cm)

disposable injector 50ml

disposable injector 60ml

Glass injector 60ml


paper 29*30 (50pcs) GEW paper 29*30 (50pcs)non-dust

paper 6*6 (300pcs)

No-duster cloth 9*9

non-duster cloth paper 6x6

non-duster cloth paper 9x9

no-duster cloth 240mm*220m

non-duster cloth 10m*350mm

Leadshine DCS810 driver

Leadshine ACS606 motor driver

Leadshine MCDC 506 driver

Leadshine ACS806-02 Driver

Leadshine DB810 Driver

Leadshine 3MD2283 Driver

Leadshine M542 stepper driver

Leadshine SPS705 power supply

Leadshine 57BL180D-1000 Motor

Leadshine Motor DCM 50207D-1000 Motor

6 holes ink tank+ink level sensor

4 holes ink tank+ink level sensor Konica

4 6 holes ink tank+ink

level sensor plastic

Infiniti ink box

with level sensor4

nfiniti ink box no level sensor I

6 holes ink tank+ink level sensor plastic

4 holes ink tank

with level sensor Air tank (Metal)

M-1.5-12 ink tank

M-2-16 ink tank

6 holes ink tank+level sensor(UV)

4 holes ink tank+level sensor(UV)

M-1-2 ink tank

M-1-4 ink tank

M-1-3 ink tank

Infiniti ink level sensor

Metal ink level sensor

Plastic ink level sensor

cleaning valves unit (output 16)

cleaning valves unit (output 12)

cleaning valves unit (output 8)

cleaning valves unit (output6)

cleaning valves unit (output 4)

2 ways valve

Metal tri-valve


Infiniti Electronic

Valve solenoid valve (with aluminum base)

Wit-color Electronic

Valve V-3 R solenoid valve

solenoid valve

Four-way solenoid valve

one way valve 4mm one

way valve 6mm

Plastic tri-way valve

Plastic tri-way valve black UV

Multiple-unit UV tube

Ink tubes

Multiple-unit tube UV

ink tubes( Imported)

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